Thread: Strange behaviour of scanf()

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    Strange behaviour of scanf()

    This was most unexpected. I have a big program which was behaving strangely so I decided to test out each section. I wrote a small program as shown below:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
    float a;
    scanf("Enter LTP", &a);
    printf("TheLTPis%f", a);
    return 0;
    The program prints:
    I then types in 1.344444

    The output continues:
    The LTPisnanPress any key to continue...
    The output always stays the same.
    What is happening there? I've used scanf hundreds of times yet I cant see what is presumably a very simple mistake. Any ideas?

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    Yeah, there's no % conversion in your scanf call - only what I presume is a prompt which should have been printed with printf.

    Plus the position in which you have float a; makes this C99 code at best.
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    Ah yes, silly me. Thanks, I guess I've been having too many late nights

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    If you've used scanf hundreds of times, when did you start using it to output a text string?

    edit: ne'r mind. Looks like you've already seen the mistake

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