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    Question Mouse support in console mode

    I totally completed my menu code. My menu is now a complete emulation of a windows menu. But my menu only supports the keyboard input and now I want to write a code for the mouse support too, but I don't have a clue how to write it.

    For keyboard support I was writting in this style:
    HANDLE hInput;
    DWORD dwRead;
    BOOL Loop;
    hInput  = GetStdHandle (STD_INPUT_HANDLE);
    while (Loop)
      if ( ReadConsoleInput(hInput, &ir, 1, &dwRead) && (ir.EventType == KEY_EVENT) && (ir.Event.KeyEvent.bKeyDown) )
        switch (ir.Event.KeyEvent.wVirtualKeyCode)
            case VK_RETURN:
              Loop = FALSE;
    I just want an example for the mouse. Thanks!

    BTW: I'm writting a win32 console application and I'm using VC++ 6.0 compiler on Win98.
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    suggest you have search on google for winAPI functions or visit the microsoft site for same. May be better to post this on the windows board, but you may get the same answer.
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