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    cryptogram in c

    hi my friends..i have a lab i got this question from my time is not enough and i got confused..i need ur all is the question.

    you will have to read in the code symbol for each letter.26 data values
    are read into array code for input 26 values of example A may correspond to W..then u ll input ur cryptedtezt from keyboard as a string.then the inputted text will be decrypted.

    im lookiing for ur replies..thnks for ur help..

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    This isn't a "homework on demand" service.

    Start with the basics - read in some strings and print them out.
    Then think about how encryption might transform each letter and try an idea or two.
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    Characters are internally treated as ASCII values,find some appropriate mathematical function to be performed on each character and store the resulting character as encrypted string array

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