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    Question Embedded C

    Sorry to ask a really dumb question. I see lots of job adverts for embedded C programmers, what exactly is embedded C?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Embedded C is what you program embedded systems with if you are going to use C. Simple as that. Not PC programming!
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    I don't know if there really is Embedded C, but a lot of embedded systems are being programmed in C. Embedded software is software that is embedded in electronics. For example the software in mobile phones, cars, TV's etc. As Garfield said, it is not the software that you'll find on your PC.

    But the software is usually written and build on a PC, using a cross-compiler, which generates binaries for the target device. Also the debugging tools run on PC. But the final product, the embedded software, runs in the device.

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    Many thanks for your help Garfield and Shiro. I kinda thought it would be something like that, but wanted to make sure. Thanks again!

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