Thread: l-value error with structures

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    Question l-value error with structures

    i have a data structure called details with a fiels called address which holds a char array of 100, but if i try the following:

    details.address = temp;

    i get the error:

    error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value

    temp is also a char array of 100.

    anyone know how to fix this or how to acomplish it another way??

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    Use strcpy() to copy strings, you cannot use the assignment operator.
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    Talking answer

    accoring to c definition you dont have any operator to operate in array directly, so if you want to copy use strcpy functions,l-value is basically value that can be can be modified .

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    The reaon why you get error "left operand must be lvalue" is that the assignment operator needs an lvalue as the left operand.

    details.address is the name of an array. In C, the name of an array is a constant. And a constant cannot be an lvalue. It would be like coding:

    5 = a + b;

    5 is a constant, and a constant cannot be an lvalue.

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