Thread: Need ur assistance badly plz related to c compilers

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    Need ur assistance badly plz related to c compilers

    Hi Everybody,

    I am Divya,I am a Non-IT Graduate but I am very much interested to learn C Programming.....
    As I donot have much knowlege regards to Cprogramming,I request if anybody can share your knowledge with me and assist me to gain the knowledge in the programming.I donot have anyone to guide.

    Right now I am using Windows 7 Operating System.I want to learn programming,but yesterday I was going through in the net I did not get any idea at all.

    I am sure that there are so many persons in this forum with vast(great) knowledge can anyone share with me and help me....plz i am badly in need of ur help,
    Can you please just teach me where can I download the turbo c compilers for windows 7, because much of the compilers donot support Windows 7.

    To be frank I am doing my self study,So I donot know much.
    Please this is my humble request can anyone help me,can anyone share your knowledge?

    I am new to the forum,If I have written anything wrong please forgive me.

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    The turbo C compiler is ancient and shouldn't be used on modern operating systems. Use Code::Blocks or Visual Studio Express Edition.
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    Let me guess...your self-study book is "Let Us C?"

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    Bithub,Thanks a lot for ur response.
    I will checkout that link faster and will reply you again.

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