Thread: HELP with mapped drive and C programs

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    HELP with mapped drive and C programs

    i have a unix server which runs C ,and want to be able to run my C programs straight off my win nt pc (which is also on another network,but currently talk together vi intelliterm) is there an easy way of running a c program directly off my win nt desktop,
    I have mapped a network drive ,can copy my c programs to windows,but I want to run them

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    If you have compiled the code on the UNIX box, the resulting executable will not run directly on a Windows box. If you copy the code to the Windows box and want to run it on the Windows box, you will have to use a Windows compiler.

    The source code for a simple program may be the same for the two environments, but the executable will certainly not be. You will also find that there are differences between libraries between the two platforms, so even some simple programs will need altering before they will run on a different OS.

    What you may be able to do is open a client Windows on your PC which is acting as a terminal on your UNIX box and then run the UNIX executable, on the UNIX box, but with it's I/O coming through the terminal emulator on the PC.
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