Thread: better way to scanf of a array of structs member?

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    better way to scanf of a array of structs member?


    I have a matrix held in a text file, and I want it to go into a array of structs, but I can't seem to do it directly:
    take my struct first.
    struct xmatst { double ev; int ei;};
    struct xmatst *in;
    one of the simpler ones :-)

    but. in order to get my values from my textfile into that ev member, I need to create another array of doubles called tmpin and do the usual:
    or(i = 0; i < N; i++)
    		for(j = 0; j < N; j++) {
    			fscanf(fp, "%lf", &tmpin[i*N+j]);
    And then I need to assign the tmpin values to my "real" array in. I tired to not use tmpin, and in the above assignment I used
    but that gave me an "invalid type argument of ->" error, though I thought that was the way you referenced a pointer to a struct member.

    May be the fact that it's an array of structs changes things. If I have to do things this way in C it'll be slower than perl. :-)

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    in is a pointer. in[i*n+j] is just a struct (in the same way that arrayname is a pointer*, but arrayname[25] is an int, or whatever).

    *I mean that arrayname, by itself, will be turned into a pointer to the start of the array.

    Edit: Oh, and why don't you just do fscanf(in, "%lf", &(in[i*N+j].ev)) in the first place? Or do you need to have a separate array of just the doubles?
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    I'm not sure how your file is formatted but if it's just rows of struct data separated by white space, I would do something like this:

    for (i = 0; i<N; i++) {
      int rv = fscanf(fp, "&#37;f %d", &in[i].ev, &in[i].ei);
      if (rv < 2) {
        /** do something about the error **/
    This reads the file and should fill the rows in correctly as long as your matrix is in row major orientation.

    Further reading.
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    eeek! thanks guys, very fast replies, and spot on too!

    I'm still getting to know structs, and the -> identifier has me a bit confused.

    I should have tried some c zen, and sat back, and just thought about the fundamentals.

    however, sometime I betray and go to perl ... :-)

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