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    Array of structures problems


    I'm currently working on a project and I'm having a bit of an hard time with two functions in specific:

    Function 1:In this function I want the doctor's number of patients to increase after patient has consulted that doctor.
    As so,by means of testing the function,in the menu, I add a doctor to the array of doctors and then I add a patient.In the patient fields that are asked in program(name,age,address), I fill the field name of the doctor with the doctor that
    treated/will treat him.
    After that,I check the doctor's data and the number of patients has indeed increased by one.


    If I add another doctor and add another patient,and in the patient's doctor name field I add the new doctor name,in the doctor's data,instead of just incrmenting the new doctor's patient it increments the new doctor's patient and the other doctor!

    void addpatients_to_doctors(Doctors array_of_doctors[],Patients array_of_patients[],int ndoctors,int npatients)
    	int i,z,count=0,x;
    	for(i=0;i<ndoctors;i++)      // Goes through array of doctors
    	     for(x=0;x<npatients;x++) // Goes through array of patients
    	               for(z=0;z<array_of_patients[x].nconsultations;z++)  // Goes through number of existing consultations
    		            if(strcmp(array_of_doctors[i], array_of_patients[x].h[z].doctorname)==0)  //compares the name in the doctor's file with the name of the doctor in the patient's historic consultations 

    Function 2:In this function I want the patient's historic to have at a maximum 10 consultations from the oldest in the beggining of the array to the newest. After reaching the 10 consultations, the consultation on pos 1 of array will be copied to pos 0,the consultation from pos 2 to pos 1 and from that forward until it reach the last pos where it will have "today's" consultation.


    This all works alright after I reach the 10 consultations.After that it looks like all the historic is erased and it copies the newwest consultation to teh beggining having only that input on the historic.

    int keep_data_con(Patients array_of_patients[],Doctors array_of_doctors[],int npatients)
    	  int i,z,nconsultations;
    	  char nid[12];
         printf("Input your id:\n");
    	 for(i=0;i<npatients && strcmp(nid,array_of_patients[i].p.npid)!=0; i++);
            printf("Patient doesn't exist\n");
            return 0;

    Any help on this is very appreciated!Thanks in advance!
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    do not use gets - read FAQ

    indent your code

    and because you failed to give some readable names to your criptic vars - add comments along your code explaining what is happening in each line. If you cannot understand what is happening in your code - how you suppose someone else could undestand it with such horrible coding style?
    All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection,
    except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.
    David J. Wheeler

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    Maybe for Problem 1, instead of passing in an array_of_patients, you could just pass in a struct for the new patient:
    void addpatients_to_doctors(Doctors array_of_doctors[], Patients patient, int ndoctors, int npatients)
    And then the check would be:
    		            if(strcmp(array_of_doctors[i], patient.h[z].doctorname)==0)  //compares the name in the doctor's file with the name of the doctor in the patient's historic consultations 

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