Thread: Who's running Aero on 64MB Video Memory?

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    Who's running Aero on 64MB Video Memory?

    Just looking at the requirements for Vista's Aero and am wondering how it does on the minimum required video memory. Has anyone tried it?

    Let's say the specs are something like:

    Intel Pentium M 780 2.26Ghz Processor
    Intel 915GM Chipset
    2GB DDR2 533 RAM

    Does that sound like something you might try running Aero in or would I only be getting the basic Windows Vista experience with this setup?

    EDIT: Whoop... a little more research shows me that the 915GM chipset doesn't support Aero. Looks like I'm sticking with XP.
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    if the minimum is 64mb, of course it doesn't support cuz intel is integrated
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