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    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    That is like $626.200.00 u.s. Not sure what the current exchange rate is.
    Not even close. Currently 1.00 EUR = ~1.345 USD. So the number you're looking for is more like $421,107.62.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dancing Milkman Thingy
    Not even close. Currently 1.00 EUR = ~1.345 USD. So the number you're looking for is more like $421,107.62.
    Depending on font, it is easy to mistake £ (pounds) for € (euros). Google says UK£ 313 091.17 = 621 861.682 U.S. dollars.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Cheezemeister
    It's just odd to me that we always have this "missing pretty person of the week" where media coverage is completely overwhelming while they completely ignore other cases.
    Wikipedia calls it 'missing white woman syndrome (MWWS)' or 'missing pretty girl syndrome':
    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    There is a perception among the American public[citation needed] that excessive news coverage is devoted to specific missing or murdered caucasian or "white" women and girls, especially blondes, while cases involving missing men, non-caucasian women, older or unattractive caucasian women, or other news stories receive disproportionately less airtime. Reporting of these "missing white woman" stories may last for weeks or months and displace reporting on other current events.
    Fortunately, child abduction is very rare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anonytmouse View Post
    Wikipedia doesn't call it anything. Some guy on some random blog somewhere probably calls it that; and someone decided to make it a Wikipedia entry. Honestly, I doubt race has much to do with how much exposure a kidnapping gets. I think it's usually the circumstances of the abduction.

    btw, Madeline Abduction is an awesome band name.

    And not too sound heartless, but, shouldn't one spend their money for a better cause? I mean, no one (but the abductor) even knows if she's alive. So why waste you'r money on this, when you could donate to help people that you at least know are alive and where you'r money is defenitly going to help, such as the Stop-Starvation-In-Asia thingies.
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    Not even close. Currently 1.00 EUR = ~1.345 USD. So the number you're looking for is more like $421,107.62.
    Depending on font, it is easy to mistake £ (pounds) for € (euros). ***** says UK£ 313 091.17 = 621 861.682 U.S. dollars.
    $626,200.00 - $621,861.68 = $4,338.32 so i missed it by $4,338.32 it is still a lot of money.

    I do not care how much money .... the question is what happens to the money? Of course i want to see the child returned alive. Just curious about the money. That is all. Meow.

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    If what I read regarding the circumstances surrounding the little girl's disappearance (Children were left alone in a hotel room whilst parents enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant)is true, the parents would be facing charges in the states.

    You don't leave small children alone (or in the care of a pre-teen sibling), period. Not for one hour, not for ten minutes, not for five.

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    A vacation to Portugal with little kids? Jeez... take them to Disney World or something.
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