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Thread: How do you order your game code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMcGee123
    Which title. What, exactly did you work on? Sounds neat.
    I worked on underlying code that ended up in a few games from a company called MediaStation. "Extreme Tactics" and, er, "Rocky and Bullwinkle". The latter was a children's game that lacked physics at all -- it was a collection of puzzle solvers with a few "action" games that were, in effect, turn-based with the user-input handled in "real time" and the game movements based on a timer. My game-studio gig was less than a year.

    I should point out that I was working on the game platform code for a non-PC platform; these games existed as PC games as well, and I didn't write the code for that. But I had to understand what was going on to do what I did.
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