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    Very Weird

    Yesterday, at my graduation day, my father called me so I could meet a very special guy, I didn't pay attention to it, but when he dragged me to meet him, he said this: "Dr. Rico, I present you for the second time: my son Oscar"

    "so what", I said, but then my father explained to me two things:
    1. He had been the father of a classmate for 6 years and I didn't know that. (so what?)

    2. He's the guy who (I don't know how to say it in english but I'll try) was there to receive me on December 4, 1984 at 10:32 PM EST, when I was born!!! he's the Doctor who received me!!!

    I can't beleive it, it's one of the weirdest feelings I've ever had in my whole life!!! He was there under my nose for 6 years and I didn't knew!!!!!!


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    Hey Osk, I never knew you are so old. You must be a professional student by now.
    Born in 1894. It is safe to safe you are the oldest guy on the board

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    The doctor "delivered" you, Osk. I guess a woman "receives"
    a baby in Spanish, but she delivers one in English. I believe
    you "give" a walk in Spanish, while we Eniglish-speakers "take"

    rick barclay
    No. Wait. Don't hang up!

    This is America calling!

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    So Oskilian, you finished school at age of 106?? That's ooold!!

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    1. Sorry, it is 1984

    2. I donīt care about the proper word, you just got the idea, and thatīs the important thing

    3. I havenīt even started university!, I have graduated from SCHOOL!!!


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