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    Study Abroad

    I know that some of you have or are doing a study abroad program. Where did you go, and how was your experience? any recomendations?

    I would really like to go for either a summer term or a full semester to New Zealand or the Netherlands...I'm not sure how it'll work out however. I only have 2 semesters (plus the current one) till graduation and I'm really working on getting an intern position and if I'll get one, obviously I wont go.

    some entropy with that sink?

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    Well me myself i have not been abroad to study but to do voluntary work ( for one full year to Nigeria - West Africa / sub saharan region), and man i advise it to anyone who has the chance to do it...
    You will experience things you will never do again...You will gain alot of life experience etc...I dont see any disadvantge of it...

    Anyway that was voluntary work but i know itll pretty the same with studying abroad...I had the choice one year back to either do voluntary work in Nigeria Or to go and study in the USA....
    It became Nigeria ...

    Anyhow the choice of country is completely yours, go for a country that you know little about (always makes it exciting...).

    All ive got left to say is: "GO for it!!!".



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    Where did I go? U.S.A
    How was my experience? You know how
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