Thread: Virtual Machines and VMware

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    Virtual Machines and VMware

    Anyone here use Virtual Machines ??
    Which do you think it's best.
    I'm currently using ESX server 2.0 from vmware

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    I use Java VM

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    i have used VMware to run win2k (when needed) on a linux machine. worked quite. Ive never tried it the otherway around. (run linux on windows)

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    VMWare is way too resource hungry, unless you've got a damn fast system there.

    I used to be running 3 virtual OSes (Win98, Mdk 8.2 and RHL 7.3) just to get the idea what VMWare was all abt. Running all 3 OSes was a nightmare on this slow system of mine.

    If you're planning to run Windows w/in Linux, go win4lin, that shuould be a lot faster than VMWare for Linux.
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