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    Originally posted by Sean
    186 - advanced genius. Those of you who know me well will just view this as PROOF that IQ tests prove nothing.
    good one

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    test item: 1200 items.
    average execution time / item: 10^-12 s
    cache hits: 1113
    external databases connected: 5 times

    Score: -1 (overflow)

    HW params: hyperneuronal net system v 3.0+ prototype, estimated error rate ~1 : 10^23 ,
    highly integrated organic components
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    I'm 13 and my band directer said he scored 193 . He wasn't jocking eigther.. I gues he wanted to fill smart. My online test gave me 138 - 22 below Mister Gates. The one I took in school several years ago to get into gifted was over 125 but below 130(I forgot). Eigther I'm smarter then then or online testing needs improvement.

    edit: I'm 144 'Gifted' now. Yes It was a diferent test.. I found a place that's suposed to raise your IQ
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    I'm 13 and I got 166

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    Drop out of school and start a business. Of cource being smarter than Bill Gates maby you will see the benifits of school where he failed too. Besides did that come from online testing.. if so take the test in school.

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