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    Ah, I see. I was reading it wrong. The war between what
    you feel and what you know. What you want to write and
    your ability to get it right.

    Nothing is off-topic here, bub. If it were, nothing would be posted.

    Whoops. I think I misread Arun. I don't see how anyone can write with an eye toward one or the other. You write to entetain
    to to inform and let the chips fall wherever. Music on the other
    hand, yes. There's music for the head and then there's music for
    the body--you can control which you write music for. But literature...I don't think so. Too many details.

    rick barclay
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    you see, the name of my school's team is the Fighting Owls.. my friend put a 'b' in front of the 'o' and an 'e' after the 'w' so it read "Fighting Bowels".

    ohh my.. thats great.

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