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    as of netscape 6+ and ie 6 (and all versions of opera i belive) the w3c DOM is completely supported. Netscape and IE both continue to support their proprietary features as well.

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    Smeone should check to see if OPERA is fully compliant.

    I say this b/c I created some Web Pages with scrolling text using the style attributes of DOM javascript just over a year ago and tested it in all the browsers. IE worked well, NS required me to rewrite the code but it worked, OPERA had no support of any style attributes whatsoever. I HOPE they have fixed this.

    This noncompliance cuased me to HATE!!!!!!!!!!! OPERA.
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    What is opera?

    Didn't know about that DOM part of DHTML. I gues that is what link it all together.

    Thx for the link.

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    It is a web browser. See

    "When you make your Web site work in Opera, you can be certain that it is open and accessible. Simply write your pages in standards-compliant code, and your site will work in all major browsers and for all major platforms and operating systems. Opera supports open international Web standards, such as HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, and HTTP, and is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)." (from the Opera website)

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