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    what you expect from guests? their gonna say what they want and if someone gets angry at them they just change their name and start posting again.
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    >>>I recommend you to take down 1600/1700 players.

    Good point. I usually make the games and just play anyone who picks me out... but perhaps I should wait around for higher rated players to come along and play their games.

    Thanks for the advice.


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    Hi, I'm new to seriously playing the game, and I was wondering if you had any tips, or know where I could gain some experience. I've been searching around, and i haven't found anything good yet.

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    i LOVE chess! its my favourite game in the world. it took me some time to catch up with this thread, beacause i did not have internet for sometime. but now i am here for a long time...

    i play at yahoo games. i started playing there, and i liked the rating system there, so i did not change...

    i also havethe problem with 2d boards (on the computer) so i use a real board sometimes like swoopy and some others suggested, and it helps. the problem is that sometimes i forget i am using the chess board and then i fall behind few moves. besides, that is not very practical when playing blitz or if you are just playing to relax your nerves. (i am not saying it is a bad idea, mind you).

    like mario suggested, i also tackle players with almost 100 more rating than me. but the thing with that is some times they dont wanna play with a lower rated person, because it is bad for them if they lose...

    my advice for beginners in chess is:
    -get a good chess book
    -learn "rules" of openings and end-games.
    -look at games by master and g-masters etc.
    -play/solve some mate in 2 or 3 problems etc.

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    besides, that is not very practical when playing blitz or if you are just playing to relax your nerves.
    I agree with you. I just use the 2-D board on the screen, and hope eventually I will be able to see things just as well as with a real board.

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