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you dont need the struct keyword in the function parameter list. Once you declare a struct, the name of the struct becomes a type.
Yes, in C you do (C is evil). So the code is correct.

Additionally, as others have told you, you may want to return a value to indicate success or failure:

BOOL getMouse(struct vect2d* mVect)
	return ( ReadProcessMemory(hand, (void*)0x4BD7D4B8, &mVect->h,4, &bytes) &&
		ReadProcessMemory(hand, (void*)0x4BD7D4BC, &mVect->v,4, &bytes) );

BOOL setMouse(struct vect2d* mVect)
	return ( WriteProcessMemory(hand, (void*)0x4BD7AF00, &mVect->h,4, &bytes) && 
		WriteProcessMemory(hand, (void*)0x4BD7AF04, &mVect->v,4, &bytes) );
If the reads/writes succeed, it will return TRUE, otherwise FALSE. That way you know if they failed. Even if you don't use it in your code, you can use it to debug your app if you think the read/writes are wrong.