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    Using resources

    Hi, I had no idea if I should post it in Windows Programming or General C-programming, but since win32 is the platform I'm working on I'm posting here...
    Mod may move if it's in the wrong section.

    So here is my question - I have a program that uses cURL to speak HTTP easily with my webserver.
    But cURL needs a couple of DLL-files that should exist in the system32-folder. Now I don't want to ship these files with my executable - but instead have them as resources in my executable and automatically extract them and install in system32.

    I am using Dev-Cpp and programming in C.

    Do you have any idea on how to implement this in my program?

    Thank you for your consideration

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    Why you would want to do such thing? Your extractiong will not check the version of dll and could replace the newer dll with the older one - breaking other applications

    Installer on the other hand - always checks the file version before replacing the dll and notifies the end user - giving him the choice to replace dll or leave it intact.

    You can always put the required dlls into the local dir of your application - in this case you can bring them as you like, but still I do not see a reason not to use a self extracting archive and start play with the resources of the executable
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    I didn't mention error handling etc - but it will offcorse be included.

    I have made my choice of handling this problem, and I want to extract them from resources in my executable. With hours of googling, I have yet not found any information.

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    Btw. This is how I solved it:

    resources.rc -
    1 BIN DISCARDABLE "path-to-.dll"
    extract.c -
    void Extract(WORD wResId , char szFilePath[])
    	HRSRC hrsrc;
    	HGLOBAL hLoaded;
    	LPVOID lpLock;
    	DWORD dwSize;
    	HANDLE hFile;
    	DWORD dwByteWritten;
    	hrsrc = FindResource(NULL, MAKEINTRESOURCE(wResId) ,"BIN");
    	if(hrsrc == NULL)
    		//printf("Error Finding resource\n");
    	hLoaded = LoadResource(NULL, hrsrc);
    	if(hLoaded == NULL)
    		//printf("Error Loading Resource\n");
    	lpLock = LockResource(hLoaded);
    	if(lpLock == NULL)
    		//printf("Error Locking Resource\n");
    	dwSize = SizeofResource(NULL, hrsrc);
    	if(!WriteFile(hFile, lpLock , dwSize , &dwByteWritten , NULL))
    		//printf("Error Writing to file\n");

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    I think you do NOT want CREATE_ALWAYS - that will cause the problems that vart points out with a newer version already existing on the target system and breaking other applications.

    By the way, DLL's do not have to reside in system32 - they can be provided in the local directory where the application is located, e.g \program files\myapp.

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