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    Problem displaying small icons

    I found a tutorial on for win32 programming. The problem is it's out of date, skips some important details, and is not specific to visual studio .NET 2005 (VC++).

    I tried to google this problem and came up with nothing relevant..

    Is there a good tutorial on resources and adding existing icons? I got a 32x32 icon working for the desktop icon of the executable and in the windows task bar when it's running. As I write this, the icon now shows up in the upper left corner of the window (it wasn't before), but I fiddled with so much stuff, I'm not sure how to do it again. I made a 16x16, but changed it's color, and it doesn't change. (yes I compiled)

    What I need is a step by step tutorial for adding both sized icons: 32x32 and 16x16.

    I'm also having a problem where when I compile the .rc file after changing an icon, or the app after changing resource.h, it says the file was being edited outside of visual studio, and asks if I want to load the old copy. I just click NO everytime and compile, but what is this?

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    What program are you using to edit the .rc file? Because if it's not Visual Studio, all it's doing is letting you know that it's been edited outside of Visual Studio. You need to click yes for it to work if you are making any changes to it. For example, if you had your .rc file open in Visual Studio and you opened the .rc file with Notepad and changed it, when you went back to Visual Studio it'll tell you that it's changed. If you click no, it just gets rid of the changes you made in Notepad and doesn't change anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindspin311 View Post
    What I need is a step by step tutorial for adding both sized icons: 32x32 and 16x16.
    Im learning this one and it explains it well.

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