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    Question ReadFile and binary data

    a question: in DOS programming you can read/write a file in either ascii or binary mode. which mode do the windows functions use? i suppose it detects which mode it needs to use.
    also, when i read data from a file, the data usually has both characters (ascii) and numbers (integers). how can i detect if a byte of data is supposed to be an integer rather than a character? i hope you understand my question. i wrote a program to record the ascii number of every byte in a file (using "(int) char"), and the byte that contained the integer 19 returned a 19, is there a way to distiguish this from "DC3," which is the character associated with ascii code 19?

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    Sounds more like a problem in your ascii to int function.
    Are you sure you are only sending in one char at a time not giving it a pointer to the rest of the file buffer?
    Try copying a single char from the buffer to a seperate variable (ie char cChar; ) and converting that.
    Best way is to GetFileSize(), GlobalAlloc() this +1 chars (bytes) and read the whole file, at once, to this buffer.
    Close the file.
    copy single char to temp single char buffer
    increment index
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