Thread: how do I stop text from being erased

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    how do I stop text from being erased

    I have a function that uses DrawText(.....) to output a text display in my window. However, when I resize/minimize/move the window (in other words when WM_PAINT is called) the text is erased. How do I stop this? I tried using ValidateRect to stop that area from being erased but that doesn't work. Is there anyway to do it without having to call my function from within the WM_PAINT message? Thanks.

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    Try handling WM_ERASEBKGND - and have it do nothing.


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    Depends on when and to what Device Context you are drawing the text.

    Simplest and slowest solution....

    Draw the text in the WM_PAINT

    Best and fastest solution.

    Look into 'double buffering' ie create a memory DC and draw your text into it. In the WM_PAINT BitBlt() this memory DC to the paint DC using the paint area (rect) (both are in the PAINTSTRUCT returned by BeginPaint()).
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