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    Writing to a Windows console

    I have a dll which is called by an application I have no control over. It loads my dll and calls the appropriate functions I've exported. I have logging to a file, but I would also like some console logging to view in real time as the app runs. So I have this in my code:

    double myfunction( const char* stuff)
    	HANDLE hConsole = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
    	SetConsoleTitle("New Title");
    	char test[] = "writing....\n";
    	int x = WriteConsole(hConsole, test, lstrlen(test), &cChars, NULL);
    When my function is called, the main applications consoles title bar changes to "New Title" as I have specified. However, the bit of text I have written isn't coming up. I suspect the handle I have is wrong, can anyone help me here? Also, is there an easier API I can use? I thought printf would just write to the std output but that doesn't seem to work either. (which leads me to believe I'm writing to the wrong stream)

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    What does x contain? In other words, what did WriteConsole() return? A failure value? If so, what does GetLastError() say the error was?

    I suggest you read the page I linked to above; maybe something there will be of use.

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