Thread: IE Menu Bar [NO MFC]

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    IE Menu Bar [NO MFC]


    I need aid\help to finish this menu. In the net I found little aid, I separated somethings:

    In this board, only this:

    My code meets here. I have difficulty in the implementation of the Hook [HookProc() & SetWindowsHookEx()] and with WM_CANCELMODE.

    Thanks... bye...

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    SetWindowsHookEx should be called in the WM_CREATE message as follows...

    switch (message)
          case WM_CREATE:
             REBARINFO rinfo;
             REBARBANDINFO rbInfo;
             RECT rc2;
             TBBUTTON tbtn[4];
             long size;
             hHook = SetWindowsHookEx(WH_MSGFILTER,(HOOKPROC)HookProc,GetModuleHandle(NULL),0);
    What specifically are the issues with WM_CANCELMODE?

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    WM_CANCELMODE must collapse the old drop-down menu. But it isn't functioning as desired. TBN_HOTITEMCHANGE is sent to the ToolBar all time that mouse is moved on it. Making with that the drop-down menu collapse before.

    It's this.


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