Thread: debug error on opening network connection

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    debug error on opening network connection

    i am trying to send an ID to a server. The ID is sent more than once during the execution of the program. Each time i need to send the ID the following code is called:
    void CRFIDReaderConsole::SendID(int id)
    	RFIDClient* client = ::new RFIDClient();  
    	BOOL bRetVal;
    	bRetVal = client->OpenConnection("localhost",6000);
    			int ClaimedIDFromRFID = id;
    			char buf[255];
    			CString strMessage = buf;
    			CNDKMessage message(ChatUserJoin);
    			CNDKMessage message2(ClaimedID);					
    		delete client;
    The first time this code is called during the execution, the ID is sent successfully. The second time the program returns a debug error when the "bRetVal = client->OpenConnection("localhost",6000);" statement is called. During doing some debugging and one the second call of the former statement - ie when a second connection was requested, i was pointed to the followed code part of "wincore.cpp" by the debugger, if it is any help:
    	if (!::RegisterClass(lpWndClass))
    		TRACE(traceAppMsg, 0, _T("Can't register window class named %s\n"),
    		return FALSE;
    any ideas?
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    Often if a method succeeds on the first call, but fails on the next call, it is due to uninitialised variables. In debug mode many IDEs set the variables to 0/NULL. In release mode this does not happen.

    char szBuf[256]={0};//set to empty
    Not enough code posted to make any better guess.....

    Could be some memory failure/over-run in your CNDKMessage class. It could be an error with your globals etc.

    Why send in an ID number and then use two diff globals?

    Is the IDE reporting any exceptions/access violations?
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    You cannot register the same window class name twice.
    It means the code that does this thing should be executed only once in a program.
    Probably your RFIDClient suposed to be one per system
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