Thread: to get the number of files in a folder

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    12 to get the number of files in a folder can i get the number of files in a folder? Is it possible to get the names too?

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    Try this, I converted this from Randy Birch's VBnet code, just for you

    It's just a little function that takes the source dir (and "*.*" for all files) and returns the number of files present in it. I can't guarantee it'll work (I'm at school atm, so I can't test it), but I'm sure someone will correct me...
    int rgbCountFilesAll(char *sPath)
       WIN32_FIND_DATA wfd;
       long hFile;
       BOOL bNext = TRUE;
       long fCount = 0;
       hFile = FindFirstFile(sPath, &wfd);
       if (hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
          //no match, so bail out  
           return 0;
       end if
      //must have at least one, so ...  
       if (hFile)
          while (bNext != FALSE)
             bNext = FindNextFile(hFile, &wfd);
       end if
      //Close the search handle  
      //return the number of files found  
       return fCount;

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    I'll try this, thank you very much for your help!!! (i would say much but i'm french and i haven't the vocable )

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    the following code works .... it is part of one of my programs...
    it loads a list box with with the file names in the give path

    //** Loads a list box with the files in sPath
    //** filter files with the extension sFilter i.e. "mdb" "txt"
    //** returns the number of files loaded... -1 for invalid dir
    int CMyDialog::LoadFileList(CString sPath, CString sFilter, CListBox *pListBox)
    	CFileFind ffind;
    	BOOL bWorking;
    	CString sFileName;
    	int iFileCount = 0;
    	//** Set up for wild characters
    	if( sFilter.Find(".*") >= 0)
    	if( sFilter.Find("*.") == 0)
    	sPath += _T("\\*.*");
    	//** Verify that it is a valid path
    	bWorking = ffind.FindFile(sPath);
    	if( bWorking == 0)
    		return -1;
    	//** Verify that the list box is not NULL
    	if( pListBox == NULL )
    		return -1;
    	//** Reset the content of the list box
    	while( bWorking != 0)
    	        bWorking = ffind.FindNextFile();
    	        if( bWorking != 0)
    		sFileName = ffind.GetFileName();
                                   //** If the file name holds the filter as a substring
                                   //** but do not load the files "." and ".."
                                  if( sFileName.Find( sFilter ) >= 0 && sFileName.Find(".") > 0)
    		         if( pListBox->FindStringExact(-1, sFileName) < 0 )
    			pListBox->AddString( sFileName );
    	return iFileCount;

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    Smile I thank you too!

    I was also wondering this... I didnt know it would equal false!

    Thanks, SPH

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