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    Registry keys

    Hello everybody, can you please tell me if it is possible to hide a registry key entry using plain ansi c/c++, without using at all the winddk?
    Thank you in advance

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    you do not need the ddk to work with registry, but you need the Win API
    ANSI C does not know what is registry - it is windows specific, so probably - no

    What do you mean by "hide"?
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    well by hide i mean make it invincible to the user, for example when the user use regedit or another similar command or tool to be unable to find the registry entry that i have hide
    By the way,i know that the question sounds malicious , i dont want to harm anyone or cause any troubles.
    Thank you

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    It's not possible. You can read-protect your stuff from less privileged users, but you can't hide from an equal privilege level. Unless you get into the stuff which will make me delete this thread.
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