Thread: launching a search with parameters

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    Question launching a search with parameters

    Does anyone know how to launch a search with paramters from within a program?

    for example :
    LaunchSearch( ALL_DRIVES, " *.cpp " );

    The result would be a windows search launched without further user input.

    Thx, I'd appreciate it.

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    Look at the thread, someone has done most of it for you.

    Some code using FindFirstFile()

    a * is any number of characters

    a ? is one character
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    Yes, I might be able to do that with the FindFirstFile and what not... but the problem is that I need the actual 'windows search' dialog box to come up and start searching without any questions.

    I know it seems a little odd, but I merely want to act as a router that takes in input and then starts the 'windows search' to finish the job.

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