Thread: Adding interface to Win32 console application

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    Adding interface to Win32 console application

    Dear all,

    I have built a win32 console application using visual studio 6.0
    Now I would like to add interface (GUI) to the application using visual studio 2008 BETA.

    I would like to receive your comments what is the best way to implement this
    Should I covert the application to dll and than adds an interface to it or there is a better way to handle this.

    Looking forward to recevie your opinion.


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    Well what does your existing "console" UI consist of at the moment?
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    Console Applicaion

    The Applicaion receives input from user (i.e from keyboard) and process some task were finnaly an output is presented. Actually the menu selection like:

    1. Order Screen
    2. Report Screen
    3. Quit

    Is done by console. I would like to convert it to GUI Mode.

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    I would say that changing the user-interface shouldn't be overly complex, assuming that your UI and the actual application code is well separated.

    It is probably easier to create a GUI project, and then copy the files from the console app into the new GUI project, than to try to change the existing project from console to GUI. Just copy the relevant files into the new project directory, and use the "Add existing file" to add the files to the project itself.

    Obviously, you'll have to write some code to deal with menus, dialog boxes, window (re-)drawing, and so on. If you've never done any Windows programming, this will be a bit of a challenge... It's probably a good idea to get a Windows Programming book - those by Charles Petzold are highly recommended by others.

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    another quetion

    Thanks a lot for the pervious answer it was very helpful
    Small Question:

    How do you change the tab page control on a form which is consisted from 3 tabs.
    I would like to push a button on one page tab1 and move to the other one: Tabpage2

    Thanks for your assistance.

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