Thread: how to start a mfc pgm

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    how to start a mfc pgm

    i am a beginner in vc++,i want to write a program in vc++ using to start mfc means i need a step for start mfc means from new option->then what is the next step->

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    Comprehension of your post.

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    Click this project type perhaps?
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    That's MSVC6, is it not? Ah, the ugly old days... Hehe.
    Anyway, first MFC is for the standard and professional versions of Visual Studio only (they are not free!), so you need one of those versions to able to use MFC.
    Second, MFC is a framework, not an application type (contrary to common belief). There are many ways to use MFC in your app. One way is which Salems points out. You can also use MFC in your console apps!

    Maybe you should tell us what you're looking for?
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