Thread: Edit Box not updating in MFC App

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    Edit Box not updating in MFC App

    Can anyone tell me why the following does not work? Do I need to call an update function. No errors are displayed and the program runs and compiles but IDC_dept is always blank.

    SetDlgItemText(GetForegroundWindow(), IDC_dept, "AAA");


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    Apologetic disclaimer: I don't use mfc.

    1. Probably because GetForegroundWindow is not returning the handle of your edit cntrl - or the class fn 'SetDlgItemText' is being called with insufficient params.

    2. If you are using mfc then you should use the class methods:

    MyCEditThing.SetDlgItemText(IDC_dept, "AAA");

    or MyCEditThing->SetDlgItemText(IDC_dept, "AAA");

    depending on how you initialised MyCEditThing.

    3. If you still want to use the API fn (note scope resolution operator):

    ::SetDlgItemText(MyCEdit.m_hWnd,IDC_dept, "AAA");

    or ::SetDlgItemText(::GetDlgItem(hParent,IDC_dept),ID C_dept, "AAA");


    Hope that helps some.

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    I dont have anything close to CeditThing. I have 3 classes App, DLG and a custom class I created myself.

    I tried your other suggestions but they did not work. Also GetLastError() returns 0 on the original code!

    Any more ideas? this is a simple dialog (form based) app..

    Could someone post some sample code so I can try and figure it out.


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    So you are not using CEdit as an object wrapper around your edit cntrl then? ('CeditThing' was a pseudocode placeholder for the name you might have chosen for a CEdit object - forgive me for assuming that you would have realised this).

    What's the point of using mfc if you aren't using its 'features'?
    Use win32 API instead.

    Here's the code (again):

    C_dept, "AAA");

    If that doesn't work to place the text "AAA" in the edit cntrl with id=IDC_dept and parent wnd handle of 'hParent' (YOU must supply this) - then you are very probably doing something wrong.

    Where exactly in your program are you attempting to set the cntrl's text?

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    Actually this should do it:

    In your dialog's 'OnInitDialog()' function place:

    SetDlgItemText(IDC_dept,"some text");

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