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    Where to start

    I'm a C++ newbie, I'm taking Compsci AP, and we never learn how to do anything outside of dos programming. I looked at VC++ 6 and 7(.net) as well is the windows format in Dev C++ 4, but i cant figure out whre my code goes and how to make it go out to the screen. Anyone have a link to a good tutorial or the time to help me?

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    There are loads of tutorials and stuff in the boards directory.
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    To programme for windows, there are 2 ways of going about it, MFC and directly through the API.
    One is MFC (Stands for Microsoft Foundation Classes and is also the name of a supermarket near where I live). It is probbly the easier method but it does limit you to using the Mirosoft compiler and pretty much having "Microsoft was here" stamped all over your code.
    The other is the API. This is can be done on pretty much any compiler by including windows.h. This is prefered by many programmers (and me) as apart from all the numerous function calls to different DLL's and the defualt handeling, most of the code in you programme is actually your own.
    But either way before you start programming in windows you need to decide what way your going to do it.

    Here's a link to a tutorial on how to do it with the API:
    and an updated version is here but its not quite completed yet:

    But what ever you choose you will need to get your hands on a good referance, MSDN is great however its a bit too upto date so really only good if you're using VS .NET on WinXP. If you want to use anything much older than that you should probbly want to look at getting older copies of the cd's.

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