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    Installing Programs

    I'm fairly new to c++ programming and have been messing with visual c++ and things like that recently. My question is where can I find a tutorial or some kind of program that will help me create install files for programs that I make?

    Edit:: Wow, I probably should have done more than skim over the last couple of posts... I found the one about NSIS, very handy tool, perfect for what I was looking for.
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    I think someone just posted something within the last 24 hours.... I think it was a link from sourceforge of some project that allows you to make an installer for your program.

    If you're brand new to C++ programming, though, I wouldn't worry about installers. The simplicity of the programs you write now should not merit an entire installer. A copy/paste of the .exe and any needed files should suffice for now.

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    If you are using MSVS you can do a setup and deployment project. It does most of the work for you or you can customize it if you so desire.

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    I have been experimenting with Visual C++ express, which doesn't support the deployment package, and I know the programs I write are super simple. I've just been wondering how the install programs work, just another thing to experiment with.

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