Thread: How to Close Parent Program using child Program?

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    How to Close Parent Program using child Program?

    Hi everyone,
    I had create a gui program to call another exe file, therefore I am wondering is there anyway to keep track on the executed program so that when the user cancel it I can cancel my parent program as well.

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    Start the program using ShellExecuteEx or CreateProcess to attain a process handle.
    You can then check the handle using WaitForSingleObject with a wait of 0 to see if handle is signaled or not. If WaitForSingleObject returns WAIT_OBJECT_0, it means the process is still running, and if it returns WAIT_TIMEOUT, it means the program has finished executing (in this case, you should also call CloseHandle on that handle, as well).
    Or you can specify a longer wait if you want, since the app won't consume cpy cycles when it's waiting.
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