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    Inverse of GetMenu()...


    I need know if exist some function or menssagem of the Win32 API, that catches a ID and returns the associated window to this ID.

    I use CreateWindowEx() to create the window and I set the ID by 10 argument of the function.

    HWND CreateWindowEx(DWORD dwExStyle,
        LPCTSTR lpClassName,
        LPCTSTR lpWindowName,
        DWORD dwStyle,
        int x,
        int y,
        int nWidth,
        int nHeight,
        HWND hWndParent,
        HMENU hMenu,
        HINSTANCE hInstance,
        LPVOID lpParam

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    You need the parents HWND [hWndParent]

    Do you have an ID number and want a HWND?


    Do you have a HWND and want an ID?


    Both work with child windows and controls.
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