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    I think something akin to #pragma in visual studio, to link to a library without specifying that library in the linker settings.

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    Now that is what I'm talking about, using an actual line of code to link the program with the library (all without creating a project). Okay, so this can be done in visual studio, any1 know if this can be done in Dev-C++?

    By the way, I've been looking at some of the posts, and alot of them seem to always talk about classes as opposed to functions. Could someone maybe explain the difference between a class and a function please? And maybe when a class is more useful than a function (if it is)?
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    Classes are a fundamental aspect of object-oriented programming. They are used to represent objects in programming.

    Functions are part of object-oriented and procedural programming, although in OOP they're sometimes calling methods, and they also go by other names such as subroutines. Functions are supposed to do a specific, well-defined job.

    Google around for "class" and "function" and "object-oriented" and "procedural" for more information.

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