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    PlaySound repetitive playback

    I have a program which plays a sound depending on input from the user. The source file is a single file that is overwritten when the user makes a new choice. The problem is, it plays the sound so that it 'lags' with the input. Say, I can play sound A, switch to sound B, play it and it will play sound A (?), after playing again, it will THEN play sound B. Any ideas?

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    What mechanism are you using for "playing a sound"? What OS is it?

    If you are using Windows PlaySound, it's got a parameter to say "if you ask for another sound to be played, abort current playing".

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    I made an error. It is not fault of playsound, but because ShellExecute returns before the program it calls is done processing, causing the immediately following PlaySound to play and old .wav. I looked in system() and spawn() series but they popup a console window, while they do wait until processing of the called application is done. I looked into CreateProcess but I'm confused on how you would make it wait until it is done with the called program.

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    Look at 'Wave form Audio' [Winmm.lib] if you want better control over how the sounds are played.
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