Thread: MFC: CTileSheet to docking dialog

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    MFC: CTileSheet to docking dialog

    My tile editor tile selection tab control is a CTileSheet object. This means the dialog is always top level and cannot be docked into or to the side of any other window.

    I would like to change this. I have a class derived from CDialogBar called CMyDialogBar which adds some docking functionality that eases the pain of docking CDialog objects. Here is my setup:

    - CDockDialog

    - CMyDialogBar

    CDockDialog can dock in CMyDialogBar. I want to convert my CTileSheet object and it's CPropertyPages into CDockDialog objects. My problem is this. If I create a new CMyDialogBar object this will create another docking area. I'm not sure what will happen if I try to dock this in an existing CMyDialogBar.

    Is there any way to create my dialog without also creating another dialog bar?
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    Have you looked at CRebar?

    A CRebar can have more than one CControlbar (CDialogbar, CToolbar ect) in it (each called a 'band').

    So you should be able to add a toolbar and then your custom dialogbar to the same docking bar.

    Is that what you ment?
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