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    Is there a function that creates for e.g. 50% transparent color?
    Is this function in windows GUI or shall I use some other interface for this?

    I am looking for some very simple function like CreateSolidBrush() or something like that.


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    You need the Windows Presentation Foundation to have transparent windows. Prior to that, you can mask out parts or you can copy the background and do your own alpha blending, but you can't make windows transparent.

    For simple transparent drawing, you can draw in an offscreen buffer and use AlphaBlend to copy the result to the target.
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    Depending on what _exactly_ you want to do....

    Have a look at SetBkMode() using TRANSPARENT.
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    I need the transparecy because I am creating a sort of aplication which work similarly as Windows desktop (but working with bitmaps not icons) when I click and hold the left button a rectangle should appear... When I move the mouse the rectangle should change its shape... This all works just fine but I need the rectangle to be about 50% transparent so the bitmaps under it are seen...

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