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    read only folder on Windows

    Hello everyone,

    In my application I need to create a folder and make it read only to test whether my application could work with read only media.

    I have tried to set the property of a folder to read only (right click the mouse and make Read Only property enabled), but I find I still can create file into this folder.

    How to make a folder truly read only on Windows (e.g. can not create file into the folder)?

    Both programming ways and non-programming ways are appreciated. I am using Windows XP SP2.

    thanks in advance,

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    If you actually want to test if your application will work from a CD-ROM, I would recommend that you burn a CD of it, rather than trying to artifcially simulate that scenario.

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    You can't create a "read-only" folder the way you want. What you need is file permissions. This requires a NTFS file system.
    If you have XP Professional, you can use the Security tab to set security options (namely, deny file creation in that folder). If you have XP Home, you may have to try a 3rd party utility (such as Security Manager).
    Google is your friend on setting security permissions on folders.

    Btw, making the folder read-only will only make it impossible to overwrite (replace the dir with another).

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