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    Hello everyone,

    I asked a related question about when DllRegisterServer is called and my question is answered. Now I am thinking that when DllUnregisterServer will be called?

    It is reasonable to understand that during installation process or when we set Register Output to Yes in Visual Studio 2005, during build process of Visual Studio 2005 regsvr32.exe will invoke DllRegisterServer to put the related registration entries to Windows Registry.

    But when (what operation) will trigger DllUnregisterServer be invoked in Visual Studio 2005?

    thanks in advance,

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    It's still windows specific though - moved.
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    How RegSvr32 registers/unregisters DLL's explains how the DllUnregisterServer is invoked. There is also source code at the link that you can use to write your own RegSvr32. Also, here is the complete surce code to RegSvr32 for your review.

    Bottomline, DllUnregisterServer is called via RegSvr32.

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