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    Legal stuff

    Specifically copyright, I am making a database prog and selling it to a company, all the code is my own except that generated by MFC and the bits people on this board have helped me with (thanks). I'm only 16 though, and I wouldnt be copyrighting it under a company name, I'd use my own name. Do I have to register the copyright, or pay tax or something like that?

    As I understand it you can stick Copyright YourName 2002 on anything that's yours, but it's just to clarify. Oh and if it makes any difference I'm talking about UK.


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    You are correct. Copyright is simply claimed at a certain date, usually just the year. You do not register it or pay for it. Of course, if someone violates it, then it can get very nasty should you wish to pursue it. Make sure you do not transfer ownership of the software, (unless of course that is what you want to do), otherwise you might end up in trouble if you want to sell your product to a second company. You do not need to pay MS for using MFC in a commercial application.

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