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    Gettting Process


    Please, i need know how to i can write a function that:

    Get all running process
    if process isn't created by system, check his folder for a dll, if dll is found, kill the process...

    someprocess1.exe - SYSTEM
    someprocess2.exe - USER
    someprocess3.exe - USER

    someprocess1 - not checked.
    someprocess2 - checked, dll isn't found, still running...
    someprocess3 - checked, dll found, killed.

    sorry for english.

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    may I ask why you would want to do that?

    it sounds like a good way to get yourself into some undesired and undefined behaviour, considering most SYSTEM process directories will almost always contain a DLL, as will a lot of Windows processes that are not running with SYSTEM privileges.

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    Find all the processes with EnumProcesses, get their paths with GetModuleHandle, and check for dlls there with FindFirstFile and FindNextFile. To find their paths you will need a handle; to get one from their PID, use OpenProcess.
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