Thread: Determining Logged On Users

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    Determining Logged On Users

    Hey, a quick question (these things are never quick, are they?). Does anyone know how to determine what users are logged on? For example, say I had User 1 and User 2. User 2 was logged but inactive, and I was on User 1. How would I determine that User 1 was currently being used? I don't know if that's possible, but any help would be appreciated.

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    To be or not to be == true

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    Here's more info....

    If you just want to know the user name that associated with your app:


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    Thanks vart and CodePlug, that works perfectly!

    BTW, if you guys remember, what exactly did you search for? Maybe I don't know what to search for, but I tried and couldn't find anything.

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    also ctrl + alt + del and click tab that says "user" as a quickie

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