Thread: Need Help With this Fuction

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    Need Help With this Fuction

    Can someone please visit this site and reword to me how to use this function. I want to use it but do not get how to use it and if other functions are needed as well. Also, under value name, do I have to include the entire value name such as software/microsoft/......

    Thanx in advance to all you Windows geniuses.

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    I got a 404 on that link but i guess what you are after is how to use RegDeleteKey

    LONG RegDeleteKey(HKEY , LPCTSTR);

    the first parameter is the main key. Whatever you want in the registry will be a subkey of one of these....


    the second parameter is a pointer to a generic string that identifies the particular subkey of the first parameter that you wish to delete. If you specify a subkey that itself has subkeys then they will be deleted too. If the function succeeds it returns 0. A non zero return value indicates error which you can find out about using GetLastError()

    for instance to cause major registry trouble....
    TCHAR myregkey[] =TEXT("System\\CurrentControlSet");
    LONG mydelregret= RegDeleteKey(HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG,myregkey);
    if (mydelregret) // time for GetLastError() to see what went wrong


    was wrong.... only deletes subkeys on 9x. doesn't on nt,2k or xp
    also forgot TEXT macro in code sample.
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    I am so dumb. I misclicked when I copied the link. I meant to give this one. It is a different function and it deletes a value instead of a key(definately not what I wanted to do). In the explanation, it says I have to include the value to be deleted but I was wondering if I had to include the full path name. Thanks for your help.

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