Thread: mixed language problem

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    mixed language problem

    mixed language problem
    I'm trying to link a simple C *.obj file
    I developed using C with a LaHey fortran program I wrote. However, I get some link errors stating that the linker can't find the Windows API functions called from the C module.
    eg - Error Link 3230:
    Undefined symbol
    " _CreateFile@A28" in module "xxxxx"
    @location 0048AF5A

    The C program compiles,links and runs fine by itself made as either a Windows application or a console application.
    Apparently I need another library referenced in the link statement, but I don't know which one.
    Can anyone help me with this?

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    You need the library file which contains the function CreateFile. This library must be linked in. (if that's correct English)

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    Thank you. Do you know which one that is?

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