Thread: Stack/Debug reporting in a win32 app

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    Stack/Debug reporting in a win32 app

    Hello everyone. Are there any win32 (non-MFC) ways of reporting a stack trace or some sort of debug information for when my program crashes? I have try/catch blocks all over my code but There are places where there is unsafe code. or In some cases a try/catch block that encompasses multiple lies of code.

    Although this code is more of a safety feature for the users of my program, rather then myself. They would be able to email the stack trace/error report to me so I may fix it. I know some large programs (such as World of warcraft, etc) have an error reporting service with a memory dump, etc.

    Thank for your help!
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    The simplest backtracing trick:
    void BackTrace(int arg){
        DisplayNum("I will return to:",*(&arg-1));
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