Thread: Problem on installing exe in Vista

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    Problem on installing exe in Vista

    Hi !

    I am facing a little problem while installing my exe in Vista !

    I want to give some file write permission but Vista doesn't allow this....

    To achieve this I used "cacls" command to give explicitly permissios to some file.......

    For this I create a batch file and build it with installer ...

    This command run successfully when run it independently on Vista i.e from command prompt..

    I used command prompt as Administrator by using command "run cmd as administrator".......

    It only work like this........

    but doesn't run on same Vista when I installed it....

    Can Any body help me.........

    Feel free to ask any Query........

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    feel free to ask any Query? lol ok, talk more natural please. :-)

    vista doesn't allow giving files write permission? yes it does... how else am i saving files at all? unless i'm misunderstanding you? do you have an error of any kind to go with your issue so it's easier to understand?


    The cacls.exe command is an external command and is available in the below Microsoft Operating Systems.

    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP

    you sure it's actually working?

    what are you trying to do anyway?
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    More explanation

    Hi !

    Thanks for replying me..........

    You have asked that CACLS.exe is working with Vista.......?? Yes it is............

    It works fine when I run it as Adminstrator but not with my installer...........

    I think that Vista install my exe as normal user and not as administrator..........

    What did you think about it.........??

    How can I solve this issue ????


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